I only ever use two cameras to make my films, that’s a Canon Powershot G16 (the same one I use for photography) and a Gopro Hero 3, my old indestructible friend I’ve had for coming on five years. I only ever use a mini gorilla pod and a handful of Gopro mounts, namely: chesty, selfie stick, same old gorilla pod. Basically everything is either strapped onto my body, or fits in my pockets, not hindering my adventure potential.

For editing I started with Windows Movie Maker on an old laptop, then moved on to Gopro Studio, and now I use Adobe Premiere Pro, and occasionally Audible, a free sound editing tool, all off of a Surface 3 tablet.

It just goes to show that with a handful of simple tools, some inspiration and a lot of patience, you can turn an adventure into a piece of art. My style is influenced a lot by other adventure montages on YouTube. I like to take the soundtrack of my actual adventure and bring it to life, so what you’re hearing is what I was actually listening to when most of these were shot. So sit back, relax and enjoy my tongue in cheek style.

Africa Finale