About Me

People say you catch the “Travel Bug” but I think I’ve always had it. Since I quit conventional living two years ago however, I think it’s been more of a disease for good in me. I’ve finally realised that I’ve been living on an unimportant rock, drifting slowly away from one of six continents on this vast earth. Not that I don’t love the UK, and I’m thankful for everything that It’s given me: Health, safety, privilege, friends and family; but there’s just so much more out there.

As I gaze off longingly into the desert, thinking about what adventures I’m going to have today, it doesn’t even register into my thoughts. So who exactly am I? My name is Dean and I’m a modern nomad. This doesn’t mean I live in the middle of a field in a yurt (though I sometimes do), it just means that I don’t call one place my home, rather, I use my time and resources to share the whole world with you and others quite unlike you.

I graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in 2010, worked a few years for some big American corporations, then got disenfranchised with my life goal, like so many others of my generation. The only difference is, I did something radical about it. Now i travel all over the world, working here and there, experiencing new things and discovering new places. Sometimes I commit myself for a few months at a time and sometimes I’m just here for a day.

As I go I take pictures, make films and write books about my journeys. At first I thought this was all very self reflective, but in time I came to realise that it stems from a deep yearning to share my discoveries and experiences with other people, in a hope that I may one day inspire others to experience different ways of living, as I do. I’m not exactly a visionary, I’m sure people have been doing this for years, I just want to present my take on it.

So follow me on my adventures (and Twitter and Facebook), share your stories and lets build a community of like minded individuals who have a lust for life and an insatiable curiosity to know: just what is over that hill.